Project Box

Mobile Application

This project took place during a workshop called Reboot Factory which is dedicated to mobile technology. Developped back in 2014, the app had to be helpful to students or teachers inside the school sphere. You can check it out here.

ProjectBox logo


Since the public we were aiming for was ourselfes, we started by brainstorming together. We wanted to find a concern we shared, figure out what exactly is missing and eventually help each of us out. With this exercise, we found out the idea behind the app and the name shortly after: ProjectBox would help students along their projects by providing teacher's feedbacks, deadlines, or even briefings.

Project Box mockup on Android phone.

From thoughts..

Once we defined a purpose for our app, we realy took our time to find the best way to make it usable. To do that, we made various prototypes on paper to find and test the best interface with other people. We were starting to visualise the app more and more and were ready to start thinking about colors, typography, and make a logo.

Project Box wireframe.Project Box style tile. a fonctional app

To prepare building the actual app, we joined our wireframes with the styles we defined. The result was the whole app designed on computer, this allowed us to get a good feel of the app and adapt appropriately. All the app needed then was to come to life so we started coding, pages by pages.

We put a lot of effort working on the user experience, so it seemed only logical to continue that way by adding smooth animations to folow the navigation.

Project box iPhone mockup

If you haven't done so already, you can check out ProjectBox live.