Mobile Application

HighOut was created during a two week workshop called Reboot Factory I attendend. Focusing on mobile technology, the goal was to produce a fictional web-application from thoughts to an URL. You can check it out live.


As a faithful group of five students, the idea behind the app started from a shared love of getting a drink outside. Several times, however, we would find ourselfs in a mood for partying a bit more and wondering where to go. Ever had that? The goal for HighOut is to tell you just that, along with providing the tools to find the right party and throught a drunk proof UX.

Designing the app.

From thoughts..

A very big part of this project has been to carefully choose and organise the functionalities. We wanted the app to deliver the best user experience so we created a bunch of prototypes with different layouts and options. The goal was to test each of them on beta-testers to find the perfect fit.

Eventually, we choosed to use a system of cards that each represents a party. The cards can be swiped to navigate through the parties, opened to check details or even turned over to check how to get on location. You can also bookmark a party for later or refine what kind of night you'r looking for.

Drawing the app's tree. Thinking the app with wireframes.

..to a fonctional app

Once we put down the final interface on paper, it was time to start caring about designing and coding. One of the key element of the app is that it's user friendly so we wanted the interface to look intuitive from the first view.

Highout app on iphone mockup.

The app was designed with care on computer, this helped us visualising the interface as a whole. Using these mockups, we could then easily change the details: colors, typos, proportions etc. to meet our expectations.

To provide a practical interface, we imagined transitions between our sections following some material design guidelines. We get to every screen from the home page using these transitions which helps the user feel like he already knows the interface.

If you haven't already, you can check HighOut live on your mobile.